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Digital imprints: what are they and why are they useful?

This general election will be the biggest we’ve seen yet for online campaigning. It’s an area where the ERS, along with many others, have long called for updates in electoral law. While there is still...

Posted 06 Jun 2024

The extension of transparency requirements is a welcome addition to political campaigning

Four steps to protect our elections from AI interference

I recently co-signed a letter with a host of leading third-sector organisations, as well as consumer champion Martin Lewis and Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, calling on political parties to agree a set of guidelines and...

Posted 09 May 2024

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ERS in the Press – January 2024

Despite being one of our country’s shortest ever Prime Ministers Liz Truss dominated the headlines over the festive period. The ERS press team were ready and waiting to get our arguments around the House of...

Posted 18 Jan 2024

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ERS in the Press: January 2022

Scandal and crisis at the heart of government have dominated the news as we begin 2022. Yet in a packed news cycle of covid regulation breaking parties in Downing Street, and a pantomime-esque will-they-won’t-they over...

Posted 04 Feb 2022

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