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First Past the Post locks many talented people out of politics

This week, Politics Home reported that Regional Tories Are Snubbing Parachuted MP Candidates In Favour Of “Local Champions”. It seems that number of Conservative candidates with a background in local government is increasing at each...

Posted 11 Aug 2023

Prospective MPs shouldn’t have to move house if they want a realistic chance of entering parliament

Should the ERS look at the rules for… Tennis?

As tennis players line up for the Wimbledon semi-finals, and candidates hit the doorstep for multiple by-elections, we’ve been thinking about how useful sporting analogies are when it comes to politics. As, when you think...

Posted 14 Jul 2023

ERS Rules tennis

Hundreds of activists gather to tell MPs to Sort the System

Support for proportional representation is growing. In the past few months, we’ve seen more and more people saying it’s time for change – the result of widespread concern that Westminster politics isn’t working for ordinary...

Posted 26 May 2023

Leading politicians

Time for a key change? How we would reform Eurovision voting

Eurovision is upon us once again – everyone’s favourite flamboyant celebration of Europe’s musical talent. With quite a few ERS staff members being unashamed superfans, we thought it would be a great excuse to take...

Posted 12 May 2023

Let 3

Greece changes electoral law, then changes it back

Greece is holding their 2023 elections on 21 May, following protests and delays caused by the deadliest rail crash in Greek history on 28 February. The crash won’t be the only thing that might impact...

Posted 21 Apr 2023

Historically Greek elections have been noted for their rather unusual system of bonus seats

Local Elections: Frequently Asked Questions

In the run-up to the May local elections we often hear the same questions being asked by concerned voters. We thought we’d collect together the answers for some of the most frequently asked questions, we...

Posted 17 Apr 2023

Local Elections: Your Questions Answered