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Time for a Registration Revolution

Today is National Voter Registration day, launched by our friends at Bite the Ballot. Voter registration is an integral part of our democracy. If you’re not registered you can’t vote. Electoral boundaries are now also drawn based...

Posted 05 Feb 2016

Cash for registration?

The Cabinet Office last week announced a ‘further’ £9.8m of spending to promote voter registration. Some £6.8m is being allocated to local authorities, depending on their levels of under-registration. And up to £2.5m will be used...

Posted 13 Jan 2015

Voter registration: lessons from the US

By Dr Toby S James, Swansea University In the 1980s American academics Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward, alongside the organisation Human SERVE, campaigned to make voting and registering to vote easier for citizens. At...

Posted 21 May 2012