Labour and progressive thinkers to present Keir Starmer with vision for ‘real democracy’

Josiah Mortimer, former Head of Communications

Posted on the 15th March 2021

Keir Starmer will be presented with a vision for a pro-democracy overhaul of Westminster and the economy on Sunday (21st March), with the release of a new book, The New Foundations.

Launched by Politics for the Many and Open Labour, the book sees left-wing thinkers and the party’s pro-Starmer soft left unite to back major political reform of the UK.

It will be launched at Open Labour’s virtual conference on Sunday evening. ERS supporters can get a discount with the partner code OLpartner21.

The publication comes amid growing pressure for Keir Starmer to respond to the strains on the union with a ground-breaking offer of reform of the centre – not just more powers to the devolved nations.

Last week the Labour leader said that the union must ‘change to survive’. This book is the first to answer how that might happen, across the economy and politics.

Chapters include:

  • James Meadway on a pro-democracy overhaul of finance
  • Jess Garland and Willie Sullivan on reforming the state
  • Christine Berry on economic and political democracy
  • Safiah Fardin on health, democracy in the NHS, and the pandemic
  • Sandy Martin on how Westminster is failing the environment and our climate
  • Maya Goodfellow on race and empire
  • Laurie Macfarlane on the warped ownership of land in the UK
  • Declan McLean on devolution, independence and the need for Labour to federalise
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A spokesperson for Politics for the Many said: “The British state has barely changed in a century. The result is that millions feel powerless and voiceless – in their communities and in their workplaces.

“Now in the 21st Century it is once again time for the labour movement to step up and address the challenges we face today – from the economy, the environment, and the crisis of devolution.

“This book sets out a bold response to the UK’s democratic crisis for the left – with vital ideas to give everyone a stronger stake in political life. Remaking the state is not a ‘nice to have’ – it’s impossible to move forward without it.”

Politics for the Many is supported by the Electoral Reform Society.

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