Hefyd ar gael yn: Cymraeg

Let’s make sure every voice is heard in Wales

Electoral Reform Society,

Posted on the 18th April 2016

There are now just a couple of weeks until the Welsh Assembly election.

Parties are coming out with their policies for the next Assembly thick and fast. So we’re calling on parties to revitalise democracy in Wales.

We’re already making a difference:

  • The Welsh Lib Dems have pledged to support our Youth Promise – six policies to boost youth engagement in politics.
  • Plaid Cymru and Wales Green Party have backed nearly all the pledges in our Democracy Manifesto – including PR for local government.

Today we’re pleased to share with you our latest policy asks:

A Diverse Democracy: Building a Wales for all

On Friday we launched our mini-manifesto on diversity in public life: A Diverse Democracy: Building a Wales for all.

We’re calling on all parties to join us by signing up to the policies in the manifesto – which has so far been backed by Stonewall Cymru, Women Making a Difference and the Women’s Institute.

We want parties to do much more, so that women, disabled people, LGBT people and ethnic minorities get the representation they deserve.

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Letting the Light In: How to Open Up Welsh Politics

Last Tuesday we launched our mini-manifesto on transparency: Letting the Light In: How to Open Up Welsh Politics.

We’re calling for a wide range of changes to shine a light on government in Wales – from setting up an Office for Public Engagement, to launching an inquiry into whether Wales needs its own Lobbying Bill.

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Let’s hope parties listen to our calls for change. With your help, we can make sure they do.

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