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What if? Post-war elections under the Single Transferable Vote

The Single Transferable Vote (STV) is one of the most popular voting systems among electoral reformers in the UK – favoured for its supposed ability to produce broadly proportional outcomes while retaining fairly localised constituencies.

Posted 28 Apr 2021


Voters Left Voiceless – The 2019 General Election

For all the talk of December’s poll as a ‘People versus Parliament’ election, it looks like neither won. 22.6 million. That’s the number of votes that didn’t count towards the result in December’s General Election,...

Posted 02 Mar 2020

2019 General Election Report Share

The 2015 general election – A system in crisis

It’s official: this election was the most disproportionate in UK history. We’ve just released our new report on the May 7th General Election, A Voting System in Crisis. And it makes for worrying reading for fans of...

Posted 01 Jun 2015

The 2010 General Election – An Unusual Election

The 2010 election was an unusual election, to say the least. It saw a number of unique and interesting features of the campaign and the result: The 2010 campaign was the first to feature direct,...

Posted 07 May 2010

2010 General Election Report

The 2005 General Election – Worst Election Ever?

The results of the 2005 general election are an indictment of the First Past the Post system – the Labour Party won an overall majority of 66 seats (55.1%) on only 35.2% of the vote....

Posted 06 May 2005

2005 General Election