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2019 General Election Results

In an election campaign characterised by uncertainty and volatility, it came as a surprise to many that the result would deliver such a decisive majority for one party. The Conservative Party made a net gain...

Posted 19 Mar 2020

Polling Station

Voters Left Voiceless – The 2019 General Election

For all the talk of December’s poll as a ‘People versus Parliament’ election, it looks like neither won. 22.6 million. That’s the number of votes that didn’t count towards the result in December’s General Election,...

Posted 02 Mar 2020

2019 General Election Report Share

Westminster’s voting system puts tactics above policies

Chelsea Oware reflects on the research undertaken during her university placement at the ERS. General elections are prime fodder for news outlets, who tend to focus on the ‘horse race’ between the two main parties,...

Posted 19 Dec 2019

With PR, we might hear less about tactics and more about policy