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Which European countries use proportional representation?

Of the 43 countries most often considered to be within Europe, 40 use some form of proportional representation to elect their MPs. The UK stands almost alone in Europe in using a ‘one-person-takes-all’ disproportionate voting...

Posted 26 Dec 2018

Which countries in Europe use PR_

How does proportional representation work in Germany?

Elections to Germany’s Bundestag – Germany’s House of Commons – are held under Mixed Member Proportional Representation (MMP). This electoral system seeks to combine features of Westminster style first past the post voting – in...

Posted 18 Dec 2018

German Bundestag

Why can’t we vote online?

The following is a guest blog from Jason Kitcat, who is on the Advisory Council for digital campaigners, the Open Rights Group. At first blush it’s understandable why many would think that Internet voting is a good...

Posted 04 Sep 2015

online voting error

Did Proportional Representation put the Nazis in power?

Probably the first time many of us heard of Proportional Representation (PR) was in a school classroom studying the Second World War.  For some people this may have been the last time they heard about other voting...

Posted 05 Jun 2015

Military defeat, revolutions and regular coup attempts played a major role

Rhodri Morgan on the constitution

“If we Brits could write a constitution for the Germans in 1947/8, why can’t we do it for ourselves?” When it came to discussing our inaugural annual lecture themed around the next 15 years of...

Posted 17 Oct 2014

On dual candidacy, let’s play nice

The UK Government has confirmed its intention to lift the ban on dual candidacy in its Draft Wales Bill. In a nutshell, dual candidacy is when an individual contests both a constituency seat and a party...

Posted 18 Dec 2013

Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament

Making Wales a bit less like Ukraine

Some more good news from today’s Queen’s Speech. And this time it’s for something that’s actually in it. The Coalition Government is now pledged to bring forward draft legislation to reform elections in Wales. The current...

Posted 08 May 2013

Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament