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ERS in the Press – January 2024

Despite being one of our country’s shortest ever Prime Ministers Liz Truss dominated the headlines over the festive period. The ERS press team were ready and waiting to get our arguments around the House of...

Posted 18 Jan 2024

pile of newspapers

How honourable are honours lists?

Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list caused quite a kerfuffle between the House of Lords Appointments Commission (HOLAC) and the current and former PM. This all led to a rather slimmed-down list from the much speculated...

Posted 11 Jul 2023

There is a long history of honours list scandals

Johnson’s resignation honours list will last a lifetime

With the Prime Minister set to exit Downing Street in the near future, attention has turned to who’s staying behind: his resignation honours list. It is tradition for departing PMs to create new life peerages...

Posted 28 Jul 2022

These are lifetime passes with exclusive access to the corridors of power