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Lizzie Lawless, Membership and Digital Officer

Posted on the 2nd March 2020

Sometimes it helps to let the facts speak for themselves. When the ERS tweeted the number of votes it took to elect each MP – by party – after December’s election, it quickly went viral.

The fact is: under Westminster’s rotten voting system, not all votes are created equally – and millions of votes are effectively ignored altogether. It’s outrageous – and it’s time to do something about it.

Today we can announce that since the General Election we’ve had over 1,000 new members join the ERS – an increase of a third in just a few months.

It’s clear that people feel disillusioned, alienated and increasingly frustrated with politics – and it’s no wonder why. Over 70% of votes failed to contribute to the result in December’s general election.

One thing has become increasingly clear: Westminster’s voting system isn’t just broken, it’s bankrupt. As the use of fairer systems in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and most developed democracies has shown, we can do better than this.

By becoming a member, you’re at the heart of the leading campaign to achieve a democracy fit for the 21st century – one in which every vote is valued equally, and every citizen is empowered to take part.

As well as enabling us to step up the movement for political reform, being a member means you can help shape the Society, to bring our expertise and experiences together to make the case for a better democracy in Britain.

Together, we’ve already achieved big things – whether that’s helping extend the use of proportional representation in the nations of the UK, or deepening democracy through citizens’ assemblies. Wales is currently debating legislation to introduce PR at a local level, while ERS staff are helping to run the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland – a sign of our reach and reputation as an organisation (a ‘venerable institution’ in the words of Sky’s Adam Boulton).

We need to keep this momentum going. We’ve just made waves through our report on the 2019 General Election – revealing the jaw-dropping rate of voters going ignored, and the dire warping effects of Westminster’s rotten voting system. That work was made possible with the support of our members – and we want to do even more this year. (Members get a copy of the report…as well as the knowledge they’re helping to change politics for the better).

Just last week, we secured new commitments from the Labour leadership candidates on proportional representation and other vital changes. And we’re continuing to push all parties to step up their game when it comes to overhauling Westminster’s broken set-up.

To all our new members – a huge welcome! And to those thinking of joining: get on board and let’s build a better democracy, where all our voices are heard.

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