Limited Vote

The Limited Vote is a form of First Past the Post with more than one winner.

Limited Vote

Voters have more than one vote, but less votes than the number of seats to be filled. When setting up the electoral system, the designers would decide how many representatives each area would get and how many votes each person would have. In Gibraltar, each voter has 10 votes and each area elects 17 representatives.

How to Vote

Each party puts up more than one candidate. On polling day the voter puts as many Xs as they are allowed next to the names of the candidates they want to elect. In Gibraltar’s case, the top 17 highest scoring candidates would become representatives.

Under a variant of Limited Vote called the Single Non-Transferable Vote (SNTV), voters cast just one vote in multi-member constituencies and seats go to the candidates with the most votes.

The Limited Vote leads to disproportional outcomes. The more votes an elector has, the more disproportional the result will be and the harder it is for smaller parties or minority candidates to gain representation.

It encourages strong party organisation.