Our Ambassador

The Society is proud to welcome broadcaster and historian Dan Snow as its first Ambassador.

Dan SnowDan Snow is a television history presenter and author. He began making history programmes in 2002 with his father, BBC broadcaster Peter Snow, and has since covered a wide range of periods and subjects from the Ancient World to the Cold War. His programmes have won a range of awards including BAFTAs. He has written several books, notably ‘Death or Victory’, an account of the Siege of Quebec in 1759, and released prize-winning history apps.

Dan also writes for and contributes to various newspapers and current affairs programmes. He is particularly interested in foreign affairs, defence, constitutional change and the role of history in political discourse. He released a series of short films during the AV referendum campaign in 2011. One film in particular went viral and a version of it was used as the final television broadcast before the vote itself. Dan also appeared across various media outlets as a vigorous opponent of the ‘First Past the Post’ electoral system, taking on those who sought to use its longevity as a central justification.