Borda Count

A rarely used points based electoral system.

The Borda Count is a form of preferential voting in single member constituencies where voters rank candidates in order of preference and the rankings are converted into points.

Candidates score one point for being ranked last, two for being next-to-last and so on. The candidate who receives the most points is declared the winner.

The Borda Count shares the advantages of other preferential voting systems such as the Alternative Vote and the Single Transferable Vote, in that all MPs would have the support of a majority of their voters.

It encourages a strategic approach by parties to nominations. An extra candidate increases the cardinal number of points in the system and alters the relativities between other candidates. A minority faction, by standing more candidates, can increase its chances of prevailing over a majority.

It tends to elect broadly acceptable candidates, rather than those supported by the majority.

It encourages tactical voting to an even greater extent than First Past the Post as in Borda Counts your expression of lower preferences can harm your first choice.