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What We’ve Achieved

The modern political landscape looks vastly different from the one facing Sir John Lubbock when he founded the society in 1884.

For over 130 years, the Electoral Reform Society has been involved in the successful adoption of the Single Transferable Vote method of proportional representation in the Republic of Ireland, then helped to defend it twice against politicians’ attempts to return to Westminster’s electoral system.

The Society was also involved in the adoption of the Single Transferable Vote in Malta and aided the campaign in Australia.

We now have the same system in use in Northern Ireland for the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont and all local councils. In Scotland, proportional systems are used in the Scottish Parliament and for all local councils, and in Wales, a proportional system is used for the Welsh Assembly.

Over the last 130 years First past the post has changed from the default electoral system to an outlier, only used in Westminster and English and Welsh councils.